HOLIDAY BREAK from 15th June until 15th July. 

SUMMER YOGA CLASSES start 16th of July until 14th of August 

 Morning Yoga Academy 

This is every day practice at 7am in Tanden Dojo from Monday to FridayYoga practice is for everyone. You move and place your body in the positions that stretch, relax and heal your body. You build up connection with yourself with your breath and become more aware of the present moment. To feel benefits of yoga it needs to be practiced regularly. There are few possibilities and plans you can adjust to your availability. 14 days €100,  1week ( Mon-Fri)  €40, 1 day €12. Bookings are open on 0857341790.  

FABIANI, Main Street Longford 

Tuesday 7pm               YOGA for everyone

Thursday 7pm              YOGA for everyone

Sunday 10am                YOGA for everyone


Tanden Dojo Karate ( upstairs Leader House Building, behind gala)

Monday 10am               YOGA for everyone

Monday 6:15pm            YOGA beginners 

Wednesday 6:45pm     YOGA beginners

Wednesday 8pm          YOGA intermediate

Monday - Friday 7am     Morning Yoga Challenge 


Family Centre 

Tuesday 11am             CHAIR YOGA 


Harbour Richmond House Clondra 

Thursday 11am            CHAIR YOGA 



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