AUTUMN YOGA   starts 30th of August for the month of September and October. To reserve your place please text on 0857341790.


Fabiani starts on 01/09, Sunday 10am and on 05/09, Thursday 7pm.

Tanden Dojo Karate ( TDK) starts on 02/09 Monday at 10am yoga for everyone, at 6:15pm yoga for beginners and on 04/09 Wednesday at 6:45pm yoga for beginners, 8pm yoga for intermediate.

YOGA IN GRANARD  at Mahon Sport & Health Performance starts on 30/08 Friday at 7pm and 31/08 Saturday at 10:30am. 

YOGA IN DROMARD at GAA Clubhouse starts on 02/09, Monday at 8pm. 

YOGA IN BALLYMAHON at Bridgeways Family Resource Centre starts on 03/09 Tuesday at 7pm and 8pm (classes are fully booked), waiting list is open.  

FABIANI, Main Street Longford 

Thursday 7pm              YOGA for everyone

Sunday 10am                YOGA for everyone


Tanden Dojo Karate ( upstairs Leader House Building, behind gala)

Monday 10am                YOGA for everyone

Monday 6:15pm             YOGA beginners 

Wednesday 6:45pm       YOGA beginners

Wednesday 8pm            YOGA intermediate

Monday - Friday 7am     Morning Yoga Challenge 


Mahon Sport & Health Performance  ( Unit 1, Harp Business Park, Granard)

Friday 7pm                      YOGA  for everyone

Saturda 10:30am            YOGA for everyone


GAA Clubhouse in Dromard 

Monday 8pm                   YOGA for everyone ( start in September 2nd) 


Bridgeways Recourse Family Centre in Ballymahon 

Tursday 7pm                        YOGA for everyone ( start in September 3rd ) 

Tuesday 8pm                       YOGA for everyone ( start in September 3rd ) 


Family Centre 

Tuesday 11am             CHAIR YOGA ( start in September 3rd)


Harbour Richmond House Clondra 

Thursday 11am            CHAIR YOGA ( start in September 5th)



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