Yoga is for everyone. Everyone can create yoga poses using their body and if the body won't go any further your imagination will. Each pose has its own beginning in present moment and never has the end, each pose always evolving and expanding (even beyond the physical body). Feeling ease and comfort in your body during yoga, you allow yourself to bring the harmony, balance and it is the foundation to expand. Creating tension and forcing our body you bring more stress that leads to all dis-eases in the world we live. Everyone has its own physical limitations and that need to be respected. As soon as you understand that its not important how it looks like when you do Yoga, but HOW IT FEELS, you are more aware of yourself. You are closer to heal versus abuse. 

Learn to live in harmony with yourself through Yoga 


I want to loose weight !   Perspective of awareness  !

Have you ever realised what does it mean loose weight ? Are you ready to do it ?  Yes it means to weigh less, yes you need to do some effort like exercises, change your eating, basically change your lifestyle. Are you ready to change your lifestyle? 

There are different reasons to loose weight: to look good on the wedding or to feel better or to look better but all of them seems very unstable because as soon as as the wedding finish, or you get the good feeling of being lighter or you find yourself in a good shape then what? Are you not feeling lost ... You have done really hard work to reach your goal so now ... How to maintain your weigth? 

Loosing weight is becoming totally different person, you still are yourself but the difference is in your lifestyle. As soon as the process of loosing weigth was enjoyable you are more likely to keep at it and you are going forward with ease and joy to maintain your weigth. Look at few factors closer in terms of changing your lifestyle.

1. FOOD. You are more aware of what kind of food you eat so your shopping are changing, you starting food preparation, finding time to prepare your meals what at the beginning is quite challenging. The challenge is when you realise that food you loved can not exist on your plate that often as before, or has to be eliminated for good. That's the dark sides of loosing weight. You are making food choices every single day and they are not temporary but permanent unless you want to loose weight only for "this one special weekend" and then you are back to "all you can eat".The paradox is that we all know what food serves to our health and what does not. Having few bags of sweets after take away in the late Saturday evening and calling it a "treat" or a cheat meal is a big cheat to your own self. Drinking any kind of alkohol is next huge element that you need to consider if you want to loose weight and live healthy.  The word "balance" in everything we eat/ drink is best to describe what we should and shouldn't eat/ drink and everyone has to learn that balance by themselves. We are getting to be obsessed about macros, counting macros is a good tool to become more aware of what we eat but at the final point by counting macros we are becoming slaves of the outside program forgetting about our inside wisdom and loosing this wisdom on the way.

There is also the awareness of higenic of eating, setting your meals times, portions, treats, place to eat. The awareness of how you feel about your food, do you enjoy it or you hate it. 

These are few factors on your journey of loosing weight you meet sooner or later ... Even if you will have prepared amazing dieting program by the best nutritionist you will have to face the true of yourself while you be following it fully or partially. It is not the diet will work but your commitment, perseverance, patience. Nobody knows best what you need than you yourself always and in every situation.  

2. EXERCISES have become very popular now and people are "killing" themselves to loose weight. Are you one of them? Exercises are important part of our life especially the one we enjoy doing and one we are looking forward to do them. They don't have to be hard to give results. They only have to be part of your lifestyle, do them everyday, there is huge variety: walking, jogging, running, gym, fitness classes, pilates, yoga, dance. Food and exercises has to go hand on hand ! Remember biggest mistake is exercising hard to being able to eat more. When you have healthy relationship with your food you don't have to "kill" yourself on your training or run miles everyday. Yes you can training hard if that's your choice but how long will you be able to do it ? Think of your body that is put under huge physical stress for a long time, it will say stop someday, somehow. Balance in exercising is next element that is necessary to learn to loose weight or maintain the healthy body. 

3. WATER. Drinking water is important element of the healthy lifestyle. Note that tea or coffee is not the water. Water is water. Awareness of hydrating your body every day with water is next element to loose weigth. Biggest challenge is for those who do not like water but that's not the argument not to drink it, simply make yourself to like it. We are able to do everything !

4. REST and relax is as important as exercises to balance your lifestyle, to bring the harmony to your life. All nigth sleep gives you energy for next day. Awareness of going to sleep at early time and allowing yourself to rest is part of loosing weigth. 

I would love to hear your opinions about loosing weigth. 


... what is REALLY the most important for you in your life ...?  The real importance comes from your heart, from your core values, from the place that nobody can see. Core values is something that you live by, and its in constant change as we are constantly changing. In different states of our life the importance change from school life, personal development, work, family, career etc.  Notice that the things that were important for us as we were kids cleared out a bit and now you probably can choose very few that are REALLY important- the core values... Knowing what is important... but really, really important for you every minute by minute you are able to make choices in your life that are in harmony with your core. For example: when you say my health is very important to me.... do you live by it ? Are you treating your body and mind that way as it is important to you, or only sometimes ? This is this importance I am talking about, as soon as you can live by it fully you don't have to call it important anymore because the actions call itself....


... the true is something that IS without even saying its true ... The truth basically IS ... I am talking about the deep knowing of something that doesn't have to be proven to anyone and as soon as you see it you understand what is right and what is wrong without even naming it that way. Being honest with yourself is state of no harming yourself, all your thoughts, words and actions are linked in harmony. As soon as you can be honest to yourself you can be honest to the others. How that relates to your health? First of all, your mental health improves then emotional and physical health follows. It is quite challenging self-practice in this world where everything seam to be fake (from food to people), covered with the glitter, injustice, social media influence, blaming one another and etc. are you involved in this machine of superficial stuff or can you take a step back and see the true around you then take full responsibility for your truth, for what you think, say and do every day, every minute, every second  ...   



...and here I am... at the beginning of creation my own website... writing my first ever blog... in the place of gratitude watching my dream gradually becoming true... always at the beginning of something greater...loving the work I do... creating the legacy based on my main core values : love, harmony, family, service to others and adventure in all of it. What I do then? Is it only the teachings: fitness class, Pilates and Yoga are the work? YES but its only the beginning of work and the real purpose is based on my intention of good practice, professionalism and understanding to improve peoples health, to teach them tools they can use to improve their wellbeing, to motivate them to have discipline to exercise so they can naturally take care of their body and mind. My motto is  ...the change starts from within... To see the changes in the world we need to start from ourselves and be the change. In this fast, busy lifestyle we are living, we forget to take care of one and the most important person- our self. Imagine yourself being tired, angry, stressed and take a look at your performance in all aspects of your life ( family, work, free time) ... sometimes we act the way we would not like and it doesn't have to be that way. Taking care of your physical, mental and emotional state helps you to be more centred, focused, responsive vs.reactive. It is not that hard to really take care of yourself, it needs only a bit of discipline, good will and perseverance. Pilates and Yoga I teach are great tools to become more aware of what is happening around you on the top of other aspects like: body strength, flexibility, balance, core work, breath, and many more. Its never too late to take care of yourself, no matter of your age and fitness level. If you don't know where to start and you have questions feel free to email or contact me.contact  

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