Yoga sessions


Thursday 7pm Yoga for everyone

Sunday 10am Yoga for everyone


Tanden Dojo Karate

Monday 10am Yoga for everyone 

Monday 6:15pm Yoga beginners

Wednesday 6:45pm Yoga beginners 

Wednesday 8pm Yoga intermediate 

Mon-Fri 7am Morning Yoga Challenge  


Dromard Gaa Clubhouse  

Monday 8pm Yoga for everyone 

( start on 02/09 )


Bridgeways Family Resource Centre in Ballymahon

Tuesday 7pm Yoga for everyone

Tuesday 8pm Yoga for everyone

( start on 03/09 )


Mahon Sports & Health Performance in Granard

Friday 7pm Yoga for everyone 

Saturday 10:30am Yoga for everyone 

( start on 30/08 and 31/08 )


Family Centre Longford

Tuesday 11am Chair Yoga 

( start on 03/09 )




AUTUMN YOGA   starts 30th of August for the month of September and October. To reserve your place please text on 0857341790.


Fabiani starts on 01/09, Sunday 10am and on 05/09, Thursday 7pm.

Tanden Dojo Karate ( TDK) starts on 02/09 Monday at 10am yoga for everyone, at 6:15pm yoga for beginners and on 04/09 Wednesday at 6:45pm yoga for beginners, 8pm yoga for intermediate.

YOGA IN GRANARD  at Mahon Sport & Health Performance starts on 30/08 Friday at 7pm and 31/08 Saturday at 10:30am. 

YOGA IN DROMARD at GAA Clubhouse starts on 02/09, Monday at 8pm. 

YOGA IN BALLYMAHON at Bridgeways Family Resource Centre starts on 03/09 Tuesday at 7pm and 8pm (classes are fully booked), waiting list is open.  

I am a mother, a wife, Yoga teacher  ... and a student all life long.

Originally from Poland but live in Ireland.

I am self employed Yoga teacher. My company MP Yoga serves unique, one of its own Yoga experience on Earth. Yoga I teach is practice with participation of the elements of the universe.

With passion to body movement and functionality of the movement on how it improves our overall health, my work is about improving your physical, mental and emotional health. My teachings are based on growing awareness and understanding how our body and mind functions. Through mindful practice of Yoga you can change you lifestyle what leads you to place of well-being and harmony.

I used to teach wide range of classes but now I focus only on teaching yoga for every age group and every level in Longford town and outside Longford. Timetable

I love travelling, adventures and meeting new people. Therefore I offer Retreats in beautiful places including my own country Poland. 

 I have been nominated Manduka Ambasador, leading company providing Yoga clothes and Yoga equipment.  




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