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I am based in Longford, Ireland and I teach Yoga classes available to all levels and different age groups: children, teens, adults and seniors. I provide yoga workshops and yoga classes to organised groups (corporate classes), to schools for children and teachers, football teams, and personal yoga practice. I organize Yoga Retreats in different places in Europe. Yoga improves your physical emotional and mental health ! Whether you practiced yoga for a while or you want to start from the beginning feel free to connect and join the class. Marta 

Yoga sessions


Thursday 7pm Yoga for everyone

Sunday 10am Yoga for everyone


Tanden Dojo Karate

Monday 10am Yoga for everyone 

Monday 6:15pm Yoga beginners

Wednesday 6:45pm Yoga beginners 

Wednesday 8pm Yoga intermediate 

Mon-Fri 7am Morning Yoga Challenge  


Dromard Gaa Clubhouse  

Monday 8pm Yoga for everyone 


Bridgeways Family Resource Centre in Ballymahon

Tuesday 7pm Yoga for everyone

Tuesday 8pm Yoga for everyone


Credit Union in Granard

Friday at 7pm Yoga for everyone 


Mahon Sports & Health Performance in Granard

Saturday 10:30am Yoga for everyone 


Family Centre Longford

Tuesday 11am Chair Yoga 





Yoga in Fabiani is on Thursday 7pm and on Sunday 10am.

Yoga in Tanden Dojo Karate ( TDK) is on Monday at 10am (yoga for everyone) and at 6:15pm (yoga for beginners). On Wednesday at 6:45pm (yoga for beginners) and at 8pm (yoga for intermediate).

YOGA IN GRANARD  on Friday at 7pm in Credit Union bank ( entrance at the rear) and on Saturday at 10:30am in Mahon Sport&Health Performance.

YOGA IN DROMARD at GAA Clubhouse is on Monday at 8pm. 

YOGA IN BALLYMAHON at Bridgeways Family Resource Centre is on Tuesday at 7pm and 8pm. Need to be prebooked. 

Movement is one of the most important activity in our life. Activity doesn't have to be hard or strenuous to benefit our existence and improve our health in various aspects. Health, vitality, well-being are just few aspects why it is important to move. Discipline in everyday activity influence not only your physical health but also mental and emotional stability. General fitness like jogging, cycle, swimming, dance, strength and mobility exercises in corellation with Yoga that connects everything with raising self awareness are the tools for happier, successful and harmonised life ( personal life, family life, work, service to others). 

MP Yoga is my company.

It is Me and over 20 years of experience in teaching body movement. My work is concentrated on teaching Yoga to everyone that are willing to do it.

Yoga is the practice that integrates all the aspects of yourself to see the true, to be the true, to see clearly, to feel great, to be healthy. Practicing Yoga you activate everything that connects humans with universe and there are possibilities to grow, expand endlessly. 

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